Welcome to the website for New Galloway Town Hall.

The Town Hall is situated in the heart of New Galloway in the beautiful Glenkens area of Dumfries and Galloway. Having been run  by Dumfries and Galloway Council, its management has now been taken over by LING (Local Initiatives in New Galloway). It has taken persistence, but we now have a Town Hall which is watertight, has a new heating system and has had its crumbling damp patches repaired and internally repainted. The Town Hall has a new lease of life and is already proving its value to the local community by providing a venue for a wide range of activities. Click Events to find out more about forthcoming and regular events.

LING is a Scottish Charity (SC047553). You can follow us on Facebook at Local Initiatives in New Galloway. Our purpose is to promote regeneration in  New Galloway and Kells Parish more broadly, but the initial focus has been on saving the Town Hall from closure and resurrecting it to its central role in village life. This can only happen slowly, but it has already been good to see people using and enjoying the venue again. LING lunches on a Tuesday, in particular, have created an opportunity for people to enjoy coming together in a friendly environment. Click Events to find out more.

As well as building a membership of LING, we are inviting our supporters to become ‘Friends of the Town Hall’ by signing up to pay £5 per month ( £8 for a couple) by standing order. If you would like to become a Friend of New Galloway Town Hall, please email rtdglaister@aol.com. This is Bob Glaister, who is the Treasurer of LING. This helps enormously with our running costs and enables us to keep making small step-by-step improvements. Friends are invited to a summer wine and cheese event with an opportunity to review progress and will be entered in a twice yearly prize draw with a prize of £50.

‘So that’s what a £50 note looks like’, says Janette Davidson, winner of the first Friends’ prize draw.

Two halls are available for hire and there is a fully equipped kitchen – about to be upgraded. See Facilities, Cost of Hire, and Contact Us for details.

LING is represented by elected Trustees. The Board is chaired by Ros Hill. The next AGM takes place on Thursday 28thth February this year at 7.00pm in the Lower Hall. All comers are welcome to hear what has been happening and to join in discussions over some drinks and nibbles afterwards. There is usually quite a buzz of enthusiasm about how well things are going with activities in the Town Hall. Four additional members were elected last year as Trustees, bringing the total to nine.

The AGMs offer an opportunity to share views on ‘what next?’ for the Town Hall and for LING – see Plans for the Future. So much is happening in New Galloway New Galloway Community ShopWhat’s Going On Glenkens and CatStrand and links between different initiatives are increasingly important.

Our Constitution has been revised to meet the requirements of OSCR, the Office of  the Scottish Charity Regulator. This has not made any difference to our primary purposes, but there are some specific amendments,  and these changes had, therefore, to be approved. At the AGM a summary of the changes was offered.

LING is supported by Dumfries and Galloway Council, The Glasgow Galloway Association and the Glenkens Charity Shop.